Golden Autumn Foundry was founded in 1993. It¨s a Tech enterprise which combined research, development, production and sales for gray iron and ductile iron products. It has more than 1000employees, technician is over 200people which has high level professional skill and rich production experiences.


Golden Autumn is located in Jincheng city, south of Shanxi province, China. Factory covers an area of 150 thousands square meters, and structure area of 60 thousands square meters. It connects with Hebei and Henan province, the transportation is very convenient.


Our company now has completed equipment for foundry, mechanical process and post treatment with workshops of polishing, coating and packing . We have five branch factories, one government foundry factory, one for pipes, one machinery foundry, one mechanical process factory and one for cast iron smelting. Our main machines include cupola, 4 units of 3.5 tons and 6 units of 5 tons. Electric furnace, 1 unit of 1.5 tons and 2 units of 3 tons. Insulated electric furnace, 2 units of 5 tons. 8 sets of grinding wheel sand mixing machine. 7 sets of machine with circulation type sand processing system. 20 sets of jolt-type molding machine, 10 sets of 2145 and 10 sets of 2148. 5 sets of hook type shot blasting machine. We also have advanced casting mould and all kinds of casting flask.


Our annual output is over 20,000 tons. The government branch is mainly devoted into producing and developing all kinds of products for municipal projects, such as sewer covers and rings in grey iron and ductile iron; iron casting lamp pole, seats, pipes, clamp and fittings. The output for light cover plate occupies national the first place. The machinery foundry branch focus more on international market as automotive casting, railway casting, agricultural machinery casting and general casting, etc. We also can design and produce casting according to customer¨s tech requirement, drawings and samples.

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